Wireless networking is growing rapidly as businesses discover the applications for wire-free connectivity.

Dramis is there to connect you.

Today’s business demand increased mobility that Wi-Fi networks offers, especially when used in conjunction with other technologies. Dramis wireless products have proved beneficial in operations throughout manufacturing facilities, warehouses, transportation depot, hotels, airports, hospitals, colleges and large enterprises
Wireless BYOD is changing everything.

  • Wireless Access Points
  • Wireless Controllers
  • Point to Point and Point to Multipoint Systems
  • Mesh Networks
  • Wireless Access Control Systems
  • Wireless Monitoring Systems
  • Location Services with Beacons
  • Wireless LAN Design Solutions
  • Guest Wi-Fi
  • Outdoor Mesh Networks
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Indoor location awareness
  • Integrated mobile health care solutions
  • Wireless Site Survey
  • Auditing